, Volume 91, Issue 1, pp 9-19
Date: 04 Aug 2007

Influence of galactoglucomannan oligosaccharides on root culture of Karwinskia humboldtiana

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Galactoglucomannan oligosaccharides (GGMOs) activity in K. humboldtiana root culture has been determined. GGMOs inhibited adventitious root growth and lateral root induction in contrast to IAA, IBA, and NAA stimulating effect in these processes. Similarly, the combination of GGMOs with natural auxins (IAA, IBA) evoked an inhibition of adventitious root growth and lateral root induction that depended on the oligosaccharides concentration and the type of auxin. The growth stimulating effect of the synthetic auxin, NAA, in adventitious roots was negatively affected by GGMOs, but they were without influence on lateral root induction. The presence of oligosaccharides triggered lateral root position on adventitious roots and the anatomy of adventitious roots (diameter, proportion of primary cortex to the central cylinder, number and size of primary cortical cells, intercellular spaces, and the number of starch grains in cells of primary cortex) in dependence on their coactions with auxin.