, Volume 67, Issue 2, pp 119-124

A new species of Prohatschekia Nunes-Ruivo, 1954 (Copepoda: Hatschekiidae) parasitic on Scorpaena elongata (Cadenat) off Algeria

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A new species of parasitic copepod, Prohatschekia mediterranea n. sp. (Siphonostomatoida: Hatschekiidae), is described from a scorpaenid fish, Scorpaena elongata, collected off Algeria. This is the seventh species of Prohatschekia Nunes-Ruivo, 1954 to be described and the first record of the genus from the Mediterranean Sea. The new species is most closely related to P. cremouxi Nunes-Ruivo, 1954, known from a congeneric host collected in Senegal. A key is provided to distinguish the new species from other members of the genus.