, Volume 66, Issue 2, pp 137-157

Descriptions of some unusual digeneans from Boops boops L. (Sparidae) and a complete checklist of its metazoan parasites

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Six species of digeneans, including three new host records, are described from the bogue Boops boops off the Spanish NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts. The species involved are: Robphildollfusium martinezgomezi López-Román, Gijón-Botella, Kim & Vilca-Choque, 1992, Magnibursatus caudofilamentosa (Reimer, 1971) Gibson & Køie, 1991, Lepocreadium album Stossich, 1890, Steringotrema pagelli (van Beneden, 1871) Odhner, 1911, Tetrochetus coryphaenae Yamaguti, 1934 and Stephanostomum euzeti Bartoli & Bray, 2004 (metacercaria). B.␣boops is a new host for 11 metazoan parasites (six digeneans, three acanthocephalans, one copepod and one isopod) recovered in this study. These are reported and incorporated into a complete checklist of the metazoan parasites of B. boops throughout its distributional range. It comprises summarised information for 67 species in 260 host-parasite records and includes the name of the parasite species, the locality of the host, and the author and date of the published record. The taxonomy is updated and annotations are made on the validity of the records and synonymies.