, Volume 164, Issue 2, pp 281-287

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Diachronic Dutch Books and Sleeping Beauty

  • Kai DraperAffiliated withDepartment of Philosophy, University of Delaware
  • , Joel PustAffiliated withDepartment of Philosophy, University of Delaware Email author 

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Hitchcock advances a diachronic Dutch Book argument (DDB) for a 1/3 answer to the Sleeping Beauty problem. Bradley and Leitgeb argue that Hitchcock’s DDB argument fails. We demonstrate the following: (a) Bradley and Leitgeb’s criticism of Hitchcock is unconvincing; (b) nonetheless, there are serious reasons to worry about the success of Hitchcock’s argument; (c) however, it is possible to construct a new DDB for 1/3 about which such worries cannot be raised.


Sleeping Beauty Christopher Hitchcock Dutch Book argument