, Volume 62, Issue 3, pp 1502-1518,
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Date: 14 Sep 2012

Dynamic, unbalanced distribution of tasks on a PS3 cluster system for double precision calculation


The article aims to describe an algorithm for dynamic distribution of tasks in a parallel computing system consisting of a network of 9 PlayStation3 (PS3) stations. Due to the fact that the SPU cores do not have units of double precision calculation, these calculations require a longer time. Therefore, an unbalanced distribution of computing tasks on a heterogeneous cluster system as 9×PS3 is necessary. The algorithm produces an estimation of the value of π by calculating the integral \(\pi= \int_{0}^{1} \frac{4}{1+x^{2}}\) and makes PPU-SPU empirical distribution of tasks on a smaller number of intervals. After determining the optimum loading between cores 18×PPU (PowerPC Unit) and 54×SPU (Synergetic Processor Unit), the integral calculation algorithm goes to a larger number of intervals.