, Volume 21, Issue 5, pp 1005-1011
Date: 26 Jun 2010

Intramolecular S···O chalcogen bond in thioindirubin

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Results of X-ray diffraction study and quantum-chemical calculations revealed that molecular conformation of thioindirubin molecule creates suitable conditions for formation of intramolecular C–H···O and S···O interactions. Analysis of molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) demonstrates existence of two areas of positive MEP (σ-holes) in the outermost part of the sulfur atom on the continuation of the lines of the C–S bonds. One of these σ-holes is oriented toward region of negative MEP around the oxygen atom of carbonyl group. Such situation corresponds to formation of σ-hole or chalcogen bond. Existence of both types of bonding interactions is confirmed by topological analysis of electron density distribution using “Atoms in Molecules” (AIM) theory. Energies of the C–H···O hydrogen bond and the S···O σ-hole bond derived from AIM and NBO theories are very close.