, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp 539-550
Date: 18 Nov 2012

Analysis of the contact stresses in curvic couplings of gas turbine in a blade-off event

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The contact pressure distribution of the curvic couplings in a heavy duty gas turbine under a blade-off load condition is investigated in a three-dimensional finite element model. Several blade-off positions on each stage disk may develop the different characters on the contact pressure distributions of the curvic couplings during the application of a blade-off load. Both the position and magnitude of the applied blade-off load and the distribution of the spindle bolts have an effect on the contact pressure distribution of the curvic couplings. Further the contact stress on the left and right sides of the teeth develops different characters during the application of torque load following not only a normal centrifugal load but also a blade-off load which produces a unbalanced equivalent bending force. Furthermore the stiffness of the connection body part of the rotor between the compressor end and the turbine end associated with its section thickness is crucial in deciding the contact stress distribution on the curvic couplings. This analysis shows a change in the magnitude of contact stress of each set of the curvic couplings.

Translated from Problemy Prochnosti, No. 5, pp. 105 – 119, September – October, 2012.