, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp 502-511
Date: 17 Nov 2012

Strength assessment for composite and metal-composite cylinders under pulse loading. Part 2. Numerical evaluation of strength for multilayer cylinders of finite length under internal explosion

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Using a numerical experiment method, the authors have solved a problem of optimization for a three-layer metal-composite cylinder of finite length, which is loaded with axisymmetric internal explosion. The optimization consists in finding the best layer thickness ratio and reinforcement configuration for the cylinder’s anisotropic composite part in order to provide the maximum strength margin by Tsai–Wu criterion for the fixed overall dimensions of the cylinder and the relative explosive charge mass. The use of an elastoplastic isotropic steel 20 for the internal layer is demonstrated to significantly improve the metal-composite cylinder strength owing, in particular, to plastic yielding, in comparison to a purely composite cylinder. The use of high-strength steels with a high yield stress is not advisable. The application of all-metal shells is impractical from the standpoint of materials consumption – they are too heavy.

Translated from Problemy Prochnosti, No. 5, pp. 56 – 68, September – October, 2012.