Studies in Philosophy and Education

, Volume 32, Issue 6, pp 613-621

First online:

Compulsory Schooling as Preventative Defense

  • Samuel D. RochaAffiliated withEducational Foundations and Research, University of North Dakota Email author 

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The question whether compulsory schooling is justifiable or not has been treated at considerable length by critics, defenders, and positions in-between. What these treatments—about paternalism and autonomy and institutionalization and more—have not directly analyzed is a question that precedes the issue of overall justification: the preliminary question of time. Does it matter when compulsion takes place? Furthermore, does the timing of compulsion matter to the question of overall justification? I will argue that it does matter, but for reasons not directly related to the question of overall justification.


Compulsory schooling Preventative defense Philosophy Education Philosophy of education Justice