, Volume 31, Issue 5, pp 501-504
Date: 18 Apr 2012

Response to Eduardo M. Duarte’s Review of Radical Education and the Common School

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Our thanks to Eduardo Duarte for such a thoughtful and imaginative critical engagement with our work. The issues he raises and the manner in which he reflects on and extends the discussions we began in our book validate and exemplify our hope for an agonistic democratic politics of recognition. Also, as the concluding sentences of the first half of his essay suggest, he, like us, underscores the need for understanding and celebrating democracy, not just as an agonistic, but as an embodied, existential encounter.

Perhaps the most challenging part of Eduardo Duarte’s review, both for us and for him, is a shared aspiration to respond to our metaphorical and literal rallying cry to those writing in this field to author ‘More poetry, less prose’. As he himself says, ‘How might educational critics, theorists and philosophers take up a counteroffensive of poetry? What would more poetry, less prose entail?’

For potential readers, we should first explain that the poetry/prose dichotomy forms just ...