, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 315-320
Date: 15 Oct 2009

Leonard J. Waks (ed): Leaders in Education: Intellectual Self-Portraits

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Overview: Tales from the Philosophical Trails

Leonard Waks has crafted a wonderfully rich and open set of questions and has masterfully edited the responses from his selected set of established philosophers of education. Waks asked if each would be willing to write about their early life experiences, first encounters with philosophy (and philosophy of education), period of serious study, early works, their mature works, and the current challenges and opportunities in the field. Each was also asked to list personal favourites among their own works and to provide a brief list of works which have deeply influenced them.

Waks set out to select authors whose works had been influential in the field for over a quarter century, and ended up selecting about two dozen. Here are the philosophers of education: Sharon Bailin, Robin Barrow, David Carr, Kieran Egan, Walter Feinberg, Gary D. Fenstermacher, Jim Garrison, Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, Paul H. Hirst, Jane Roland Martin, Nel Noddings, Michael ...