, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 321-323
Date: 10 Oct 2009

Response to Fred Ellett’s Review of Leaders in Philosophy of Education: Intellectual Self Portraits

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I want to thank Professor Fred Ellett for his gracious review of my book. I am pleased that Ellett, like other reviewers of this book, finds the self-portraits captivating, helpful in illuminating the roots of philosophical ideas about education in the personal experiences and social contexts of their authors, and sometimes side-splittingly funny.

In an earlier review in The Journal of Philosophy of Education, Sockett (2009) had lamented that the authors had summarized their views but had not on the whole offered up new theses or arguments to advance their own positions or sharpened contrasts with alternative views.

Sockett (2009).

Ellett notes, however, that the authors do provide lists of personal favorites among their own works, and then place these within the context of their unfolding philosophical careers, so that readers can readily access and appreciate the theses and arguments that established these thinkers as leaders. Thus, he notes, the book can serve as an excellent companio ...