, Volume 28, Issue 1, pp 1-2


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This special edition comprises papers from a symposium at the European Educational Research Association Conference (‘ECER’) at Geneva in September, 2006, with the title ‘Environmental Concern and the Transformation of Knowledge’. Picking up on the overall conference theme of knowledge transformation, we wished to ask some really broad questions about how we understand ‘nature’ and the implications of that understanding for education. Although there is an increasing interest and literature in environmental education, its profile within philosophy of education is still less than it might be. The issues here are, after all, of critical importance: no less is at stake than the future of Earth and the potential for future generations of human beings to thrive upon it. In order to ascertain how we might educate for ‘sustainable development’, we first need to expose the grounds of our current assumptions.

To that end, a series of papers taking different, but related, perspectives follows. Each