, Volume 162, Issue 1-4, pp 25-83
Date: 19 Nov 2011

Upstream of Saturn and Titan

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The formation of Titan’s induced magnetosphere is a unique and important example in the solar system of a plasma-moon interaction where the moon has a substantial atmosphere. The field and particle conditions upstream of Titan are important in controlling the interaction and also play a strong role in modulating the chemistry of the ionosphere. In this paper we review Titan’s plasma interaction to identify important upstream parameters and review the physics of Saturn’s magnetosphere near Titan’s orbit to highlight how these upstream parameters may vary. We discuss the conditions upstream of Saturn in the solar wind and the conditions found in Saturn’s magnetosheath. Statistical work on Titan’s upstream magnetospheric fields and particles are discussed. Finally, various classification schemes are presented and combined into a single list of Cassini Titan encounter classes which is also used to highlight differences between these classification schemes.