Space Science Reviews

, 144:275

Small-Scale Solar Magnetic Fields


    • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • J. O. Stenflo
    • Institute of AstronomyETH Zurich
  • S. K. Solanki
    • Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung
  • S. Tsuneta
    • National Astronomical Observatory
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DOI: 10.1007/s11214-008-9473-6

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de Wijn, A.G., Stenflo, J.O., Solanki, S.K. et al. Space Sci Rev (2009) 144: 275. doi:10.1007/s11214-008-9473-6


As we resolve ever smaller structures in the solar atmosphere, it has become clear that magnetism is an important component of those small structures. Small-scale magnetism holds the key to many poorly understood facets of solar magnetism on all scales, such as the existence of a local dynamo, chromospheric heating, and flux emergence, to name a few. Here, we review our knowledge of small-scale photospheric fields, with particular emphasis on quiet-sun field, and discuss the implications of several results obtained recently using new instruments, as well as future prospects in this field of research.


Sun Photosphere Magnetism Small scale

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