, Volume 141, Issue 1-4, pp 343-355
Date: 20 Aug 2008

The THEMIS Digital Fields Board

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The Digital Fields Board (DFB) performs the data acquisition and signal processing for the Electric Fields Instrument and Search Coil Magnetometer on each of the THEMIS (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms) satellites. The processing is highly flexible and low-power (∼1.1 watt orbit-averaged). The primary data products are time series waveforms and wave power spectra of the electric and magnetic fields. The power spectra can be computed either on the raw signals (i.e. in a system co-rotating with the spacecraft) or in a coordinate system aligned with the local DC magnetic field. Other data products include spectral power from multiple passbands (filter banks) and electric power in the 30–500 kHz band. The DFBs on all five spacecraft have been turned on and checked out in-flight, and are functioning as designed.