, Volume 121, Issue 1-4, pp 253-269
Date: 01 Jun 2006

A Three-Dimensional Simulation of Collisional-Interchange-Instability in the Equatorial-Low-Latitude Ionosphere

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We present a three-dimensional simulation of collisional-interchange-instability in the equatorial-low-latitude F region of ionosphere. The instability is responsible for the generation of large plasma density depletion or bubble. General 3D potential and continuity equations are derived to simulate the phenomena. To understand the linear aspect of the instability, the general 3D linear growth rate is derived using 3D potential equation. The linear growth characteristics are compared with earlier field-aligned-integrated growth analyses. The numerical simulation of bubble in the 3D spherical polar geometry is finally presented. Distinct evolution characteristics of bubble in 3D and 2D simulation are further discussed.