Space Science Reviews

, Volume 116, Issue 1, pp 371-397

First online:

Radio Wave Emission from the Outer Planets Before Cassini

  • P. ZarkaAffiliated withLESIA, Observatoire de ParisDépartement de Recherche Spatiale, Observatoire de Paris Email author 
  • , W. S. KurthAffiliated withDept. of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Iowa

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We review observations and theories of radio wave emissions from the outer planets. These include radio emissions from the auroral regions and from the radiation belts, low-frequency electromagnetic emissions, and atmospheric lightning. For each of these emissions, we present in more details our knowledge of the Saturn counterpart, as well as expectations for Cassini. We summarize the capabilities of the radio instrument onboard Cassini, observations performed during the Jupiter flyby, and first (remote) observations of Saturn. Open questions are listed along with the specific observations that may bring responses to them. The coordinated observations (from the ground and from space) that would be valuable to perform in parallel to Cassini measurements are briefly discussed. Finally, we outline future missions and perspectives.


radio wave emission giant planets