, Volume 283, Issue 1, pp 113-141
Date: 06 Jun 2012

On Dimensionality Reduction for Indexing and Retrieval of Large-Scale Solar Image Data

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This work investigates the applicability of several dimensionality reduction techniques for large-scale solar data analysis. Using a solar benchmark dataset that contains images of multiple types of phenomena, we investigate linear and nonlinear dimensionality reduction methods in order to reduce our storage and processing costs and maintain a good representation of our data in a new vector space. We present a comparative analysis of several dimensionality reduction methods and different numbers of target dimensions by utilizing different classifiers in order to determine the degree of data dimensionality reduction that can be achieved with these methods, and to discover the method that is the most effective for solar images. After determining the optimal number of dimensions, we then present preliminary results on indexing and retrieval of the dimensionally reduced data.

Image Processing in the Petabyte Era
Guest Editors: J. Ireland and C.A. Young