, Volume 241, Issue 2, pp 397-409
Date: 26 Apr 2007

Coronal Periodmaps

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The search for signatures of wave and oscillatory processes in the solar corona in the data obtained with imaging instruments can be automated by using the periodmap method. The method reduces a three-dimensional data cube to a two-dimensional map of the analysed field of view. The map reveals the presence and distribution of the most pronounced frequencies in the power spectrum of the time signal recorded at spatial pixels. We demonstrate the applicability of this method as a pre-analysis tool with the use of TRACE EUV coronal data, which contain examples of transverse and longitudinal oscillations of coronal loops. The main advantage of using periodmaps over other possible (more sophisticated) pre-analysis tools, such as wavelet analysis, is their robustness and efficiency (both in speed and computational power). The method can be implemented in the Hinode/XRT and SDO/AIA data pre-analysis.