, Volume 224, Issue 1-2, pp 103-112

ESAI database and some properties of solar activity in the past

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In this work a new information resource located at http://www.gao.spb.ru/database/esai and hereinafter referred to as ESAI (“Extended time series of Solar Activity Indices”) is presented. ESAI includes observational, synthetic and simulated sets to study solar magnetic field variations and their influence on the Earth. ESAI extends the ordinary lengths of some traditional indices, parameterizing time variations of physically different characteristics of solar activity. In particular, long-term sets of the following indices are presented: sunspot areas, the Wolf numbers, polar faculae numbers, sunspot mean latitudes and north-south asymmetry of hemispheres for different components of activity. Some methods for making correct conclusions from incomplete data and some criteria to estimate the reliability of the obtained information are discussed.