Sex Roles

, Volume 62, Issue 5, pp 334–346

Chinese Short Form of the Personal Attributes Questionnaire: Construct and Concurrent Validity

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DOI: 10.1007/s11199-009-9730-5

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Moneta, G.B. Sex Roles (2010) 62: 334. doi:10.1007/s11199-009-9730-5


This paper evaluated the construct and concurrent validity of a Chinese short form of the Personal Attributes Questionnaire, which measures instrumentality and expressivity as independent traits. In Study 1, 293 Hong Kong Chinese undergraduates completed the scale. Factor analysis revealed two independent factors, instrumentality and expressivity. In Study 2, 269 Hong Kong Chinese undergraduates completed the scale together with the dominance and nurturance scales of the Personality Research Form and Gudykunst’s Self-Construal Scale. Exploratory factor analysis replicated the bidimensional structure of the scale. Instrumentality correlated with independent self-construal and dominance, whereas expressivity correlated with interdependent self-construal and nurturance. Gender differences in item scores overall conformed to theoretical expectations. The findings indicate that the scale produces valid and reliable scores.


Chinese college studentsExpressivityGender role attributesInstrumentalityPersonality assessment

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