Sex Roles

, Volume 58, Issue 7, pp 490–500

Social Influences on Judgments of Rape Victims: The Role of the Negative and Positive Social Reactions of Others

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DOI: 10.1007/s11199-007-9353-7

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Brown, A.L. & Testa, M. Sex Roles (2008) 58: 490. doi:10.1007/s11199-007-9353-7


An experimental study examined whether judgments about a rape victim can be influenced by the social reactions of others, and whether this effect would be moderated by the type of rape (stranger or date rape) or by the gender of the participants. One hundred and ten U.S. college students (90% white; 59% female) responded to rape vignettes in which the type of rape and the social reactions received by the victim (negative, positive, or neutral) were manipulated. People exposed to negative social reactions made less positive judgments. Men and people who read about a date rape also made less positive judgments, but neither variable interacted with type of reactions to impact judgments.


RapeSocial supportSocial influenceSocial perceptionVictimization

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