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Sex Roles

, Volume 56, Issue 5, pp 297-308

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Beliefs in Equality for Women and Men as Related to Economic Factors in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States

  • Josephine E. OlsonAffiliated withUniversity of Pittsburgh Email author 
  • , Irene H. FriezeAffiliated withUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • , Sally WallAffiliated withUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • , Bozena ZdaniukAffiliated withUniversity of Pittsburgh
  • , Anuška FerligojAffiliated withUniversity of Ljubljana
  • , Tina KogovšekAffiliated withUniversity of Ljubljana
  • , Jasna HorvatAffiliated withUniversity of Osijek
  • , Nataša ŠarlijaAffiliated withUniversity of Osijek
  • , Eva JarošováAffiliated withUniversity of Economics
    • , Daniela PauknerováAffiliated withUniversity of Economics
    • , Lan Anh Nguyen LuuAffiliated withEotvos Lorand University of Budapest
    • , Mònika KovacsAffiliated withEotvos Lorand University of Budapest
    • , Jolanta MiluskaAffiliated withAdam Mickiewicz University
    • , Aida OrgockaAffiliated withUniversity of New York
    • , Ludmila ErokhinaAffiliated withVladivostok State University of Economics
    • , Olga V. MitinaAffiliated withMoscow State University
    • , Ludmila V. PopovaAffiliated withUniversity of PittsburghMoscow Pedagogical State University
    • , Nijolė PetkevičiūtėAffiliated withUniversity of PittsburghVytautas Magnus University
    • , Mirjana Pejic-BachAffiliated withUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Zagreb
    • , Slavka KubušováAffiliated withUniversity of PittsburghComenius University
    • , Maja Rus MakovecAffiliated withUniversity of PittsburghUniversity Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana

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Do economic indicators predict the general level of support for gender equality? This question was investigated in a sample of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, a region that has been undergoing rapid economic changes since the early 1990s. In this overall sample of male and female college students from ten countries, including the United States as a comparison, the predicted association between stronger beliefs in gender role egalitarianism and positive economic factors was generally supported. Also, consistent with other research, women were more in support of gender equality than men were. There was no support for a predicted trend in less support for gender equality over the time period of the present study.


Gender attitudes Central and eastern Europe Economics