, Volume 51, Issue 11-12, pp 731-741

Sociocultural Influences on Body Image Concerns and Body Change Strategies Among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian Adolescent Girls and Boys

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Sociocultural messages about the ideal body build have been studied predominantlyamong White adolescent girls. In the current study we examined the relationships between perceived sociocultural influences, body image concerns, and body change strategies among 47 (22 boys and 25 girls) Indigenous Australian adolescents. These relationships were compared to those from 47 non-Indigenous adolescents (predominantly from an Anglo-Saxon background), who were matched on gender, age, and school grade. Overall, the sociocultural influences were found to be associated with body image concerns and body change strategies among both cultural groups. The only exception was that the sociocultural influences were not associated with the Indigenous girls’ levels of body dissatisfaction or body image importance. These findings are discussed in relation to past studies of White and Black girls.