Sexuality and Disability

, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp 205–219

Sexual Function in Normal Elders, MCI and Patients with Mild Dementia

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DOI: 10.1007/s11195-014-9353-9

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Tsatali, M. & Tsolaki, M. Sex Disabil (2014) 32: 205. doi:10.1007/s11195-014-9353-9


Sexuality is part of human nature throughout life and a large amount among elders considers sexual function as an integral part in their life. The sample of our research consists of 265 participants, 60–85 years old. Data were collected by Sexual Satisfaction and Experience Questionnaire, demographics, medical history and individual interviews. According to ANOVA test, changes in the general sexual function during the last month were observed in dementia group compared to control group for both men and women (p = 0.01). Furthermore, lower sexual activity between men among control and MCI participants has also been highlighted the previous month (p = 0.038). Hence the ANOVA test showed statistical significant changes between controls and patients with mild dementia (p = 0.021) and between MCI participants and patients with mild dementia (p = 0.045) during the last year. These findings indicate that sexual activity is decreased in parallel with cognitive impairment. The importance given to sexual function during earlier years played an important role in the observed changes (p = 0.01) and overall sexual action (p = 0.01) during aging for both men and women in MCI and healthy participants. Those who reported that their sexual function have been changed negatively because of specific factors, highlighted disease status, medication and the partner, as the main factors for this change according to Related two samples test. According to results, elders’ sexual activity is strongly depended on aging, gender and medical status. During the progress of cognitive decline, sexual activity is being reduced, especially among men who notice this deterioration at a great level compared to women.


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