, Volume 94, Issue 2, pp 711-719
Date: 14 Jun 2012

Research output in pheromone biology: a case study of India

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Analyses the growth and development of pheromone biology research productivity in India in terms of publication output as reflected in Science Citation Index (SCI) for the period 1978–2008. It includes 330 publications from India, including 285 articles, 22 notes, 18 reviews, 4 letters and 1 conference paper, from 200 institutions. About 9.4 % of publications is contributed by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur followed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay (7.27 %). All the papers published by Indian researchers have appeared in journals with impact factors between 0.20 and 4.14. About 24.24 % of authors contributed single articles. The growth rate of publications varied from 0.30 to 9.09 % per year. The annual growth rate was highest in the year 2006 at 9.09 %. The study reveals that the output of pheromone biology research in India has gradually increased over the years.