, Volume 69, Issue 1, pp 117–120

Exploring the h-index at the author and journal levels using bibliometric data of productive consumer scholars and business-related journals respectively

  • Gad Saad

DOI: 10.1007/s11192-006-0142-9

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Saad, G. Scientometrics (2006) 69: 117. doi:10.1007/s11192-006-0142-9


Using both author-level and journal-level data, Hirsch's h-index is shown to possess substantial heuristic value in that it yields accurate results whilst requiring minimal informational acquisition effort. As expected, the h-index of productive consumer scholars correlated strongly with their total citation counts. Furthermore, the h-indices as obtained via ISI/Thompson and GoogleScholar were highly correlated albeit the latter yielded higher values. Finally, using a database of business-relevant journals, a significant correlation was found between the journals' h-indices and their citation impact scores.

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  • Gad Saad
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  1. 1.Concordia University, John Molson School of Business, Department of Marketing

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