Small Business Economics

, Volume 41, Issue 4, pp 899–911

Conceptualizing knowledge-based entrepreneurship networks: perspectives from the literature


DOI: 10.1007/s11187-013-9512-x

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Hayter, C.S. Small Bus Econ (2013) 41: 899. doi:10.1007/s11187-013-9512-x


Efforts to promote and support knowledge-based entrepreneurship as a vehicle for economic development are increasingly focused on the importance of networks to entrepreneurial success. This article reviews the extant empirical literature and finds a striking consensus among multiple disciplinary perspectives: not only are networks important, network characteristics also mediate resources important to entrepreneurial performance. Unfortunately, current conceptual frameworks do not adequately account for the unique nature of knowledge spillovers and their role in innovation and economic dynamism. The article suggests that scholars embrace the nascent knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship to guide future empirical research on entrepreneurship networks and focus intently on their impact on entrepreneurial performance—and therefore economic growth.


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