, Volume 41, Issue 11, pp 1205-1210

Rate of Generation of Ions H+ and OH at the Ion-Exchange Membrane/Dilute Solution Interface as a Function of the Current Density

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Partial currents of water dissociation products through cation- and anion-exchange membranes that form thin desalination channels in electrodialyzers are measured. The investigations are performed in a broad interval of flow rates during desalination of dilute sodium chloride solutions at overlimiting currents. A water dissociation theory, which was developed for bipolar membranes, and a mass transfer theory that allows for the space charge formation at overlimiting currents are used to derive an expression, according to which the rate of generation of the H+ and OH ions is defined by the ratio of the current density to its critical value at which water starts undergoing discernible dissociation.

Translated from Elektrokhimiya, Vol. 41, No. 11, 2005, pp. 1351–1357.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by Nikonenko, Pis'menskaya, Volodina.