, Volume 40, Issue 8, pp 2689-2701
Date: 01 Mar 2013

Corrosion inhibition investigations of 3-acetylpyridine semicarbazone on carbon steel in hydrochloric acid medium

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The corrosion inhibition efficiency of 3-acetylpyridine-semicarbazide (3APSC) on carbon steel (CS) in 1.0 M HCl solution has been investigated using weight loss measurements, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and potentiodynamic polarization studies. The results show that inhibition efficiency on metal increases with the inhibitor concentration. 3APSC exhibited marked inhibition towards carbon steel in HCl medium even at low concentrations. The adsorption of inhibitor on the surfaces of the corroding metal obeys the Langmiur isotherm and thermodynamic parameters (K ads, ∆G ads 0 ) were calculated. Activation parameters of the corrosion process (E a, ∆H* and ∆S*) were also calculated from the corrosion rates. Polarization studies revealed that 3APSC act as a mixed-type inhibitor. Surface analysis of the metal specimens was performed by scanning electron microscopy.