, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp 425-430
Date: 03 Aug 2010

Negative Duties and the Requirements of Justice

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When this immensely influential book was first published in 2002 it prompted a great deal of debate in the fields of human rights and global justice. Some were troubled by the limits of Pogge’s institutional understanding of human rights, others concerned that his proposals inadequately target poverty. Criticism tends to be along these lines: that Pogge does not go far enough. This second edition is largely unchanged, with the exception of an additional chapter on pharmaceutical innovation and its effects on the global poor. But while his methods for tackling world poverty broaden, the objections from his critics remain unanswered.

In this book Pogge aims to respond to two common prejudices which may deter wealthy nations from working to alleviate global poverty: ‘(1) that the persistence of severe poverty abroad does not require our moral attention, and (2) that there is nothing seriously wrong with our conduct, our policies, and the global economic institutions we forge and uphold’ (6 ...