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Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting

, 34:23

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The valuation of multivariate contingent claims under transformed trinomial approaches

  • Chuang-Chang ChangAffiliated withDepartment of Finance, National Central University
  • , Jun-Biao LinAffiliated withDepartment of Money and Banking, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Email author 

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This study develops a transformed-trinomial approach for the valuation of contingent claims written on multiple underlying assets. Our model is characterized by an extension of the Camara and Chung (J Futur Mark 26: 759–787, 2006) transformed-binomial model for pricing options with one underlying asset, and a discrete-time version of the Schroder (J Finance 59(5): 2375–2401, 2004) model. However, unlike the Schroder model, our model can facilitate straightforward valuation of American-style multivariate contingent claims. The major advantage of our transformed-trinomial approach is that it can easily tackle the volatility skew observed within the markets. We go on to use numerical examples to demonstrate the way in which our transformed-trinomial approach can be utilized for the valuation of multivariate contingent claims, such as binary options.


Transformed-trinomial approaches Multivariate contingent claims Binary options

JEL Classification

C52 G12