Quality of Life Research

, Volume 15, Issue 3, pp 481–491

Measuring the Impact of Diabetes Through Patient Report of Treatment Satisfaction, Productivity and Symptom Experience

  • Meryl Brod
  • Soren E. Skovlund
  • Kim U. Wittrup-Jensen

DOI: 10.1007/s11136-005-1624-6

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Brod, M., Skovlund, S.E. & Wittrup-Jensen, K.U. Qual Life Res (2006) 15: 481. doi:10.1007/s11136-005-1624-6


Objective: Diabetes is a common, debilitating chronic illness with multiple impacts. The impact on treatment satisfaction, productivity impairment and the symptom experience may be among the most important for patient-reported outcomes. This study developed and validated disease-specific, patient-reported measures for these outcomes that address limitations in currently available measures. Methods: Data was collected from the literature, experts and patients and a conceptual model of the patient-reported impact of diabetes was created. Item pools, based on the conceptual model, were then generated. The items were administered to 991 diabetes patients via a web-based survey to perform item reduction, identify relevant factor structures and assess reliability and validity following an a-priori analysis plan. Results: All validation criteria and hypotheses were met resulting in three new, valid measures: a 21-item Satisfaction Measure (three sub-scales: burden, efficacy and symptoms), a 30-item Symptom Measure and a 14-item Productivity Measure assessing both life and work productivity impairments.Conclusion: This triad of measures captures important components of the multifaceted diabetes patient experience and can be considered as valid, viable options when choosing measures to assess patient-reported outcomes. Addressing these outcomes may assist researchers and clinicians to develop more patient-centered diabetes interventions and care.


DiabetesPatient-reported outcomesProductivitySymptomsTreatment satisfaction



Diabetes Productivity Measure


Diabetes Symptom Measure


Insulin Treatment Appraisal Scale


Minimal Clinically Important Difference


Ordinary Least Squares


Problem Areas in Diabetes Survey


Patient-Reported Outcomes


Statistical Analysis Plan

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  • Soren E. Skovlund
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  • Kim U. Wittrup-Jensen
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