Queueing Systems

, 59:135

The asymptotic variance rate of the output process of finite capacity birth-death queues


DOI: 10.1007/s11134-008-9079-4

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Nazarathy, Y. & Weiss, G. Queueing Syst (2008) 59: 135. doi:10.1007/s11134-008-9079-4


We analyze the output process of finite capacity birth-death Markovian queues. We develop a formula for the asymptotic variance rate of the form λ*+∑vi where λ* is the rate of outputs and vi are functions of the birth and death rates. We show that if the birth rates are non-increasing and the death rates are non-decreasing (as is common in many queueing systems) then the values of vi are strictly negative and thus the limiting index of dispersion of counts of the output process is less than unity.

In the M/M/1/K case, our formula evaluates to a closed form expression that shows the following phenomenon: When the system is balanced, i.e. the arrival and service rates are equal, \(\frac{\sum v_{i}}{\lambda^{*}}\) is minimal. The situation is similar for the M/M/c/K queue, the Erlang loss system and some PH/PH/1/K queues: In all these systems there is a pronounced decrease in the asymptotic variance rate when the system parameters are balanced.


Queueing theory Loss systems M/M/1/K MAP Asymptotic variance rate BRAVO 

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60J27 60K25 

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