, Volume 53, Issue 1-2, pp 53-63

A survey on discriminatory processor sharing

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The Discriminatory Processor Sharing (DPS) model is a multi-class generalization of the egalitarian Processor Sharing model. In the DPS model all jobs present in the system are served simultaneously at rates controlled by a vector of weights {g k > 0; k = 1,..., K }. If there are N k jobs of class k present in the system, k = 1,..., K, each class-k job is served at rate \(g_k/\sum_{j=1}^K{g_j}{N_j}\) . The present article provides an overview of the analytical results for the DPS model. In particular, we focus on response times and numbers of jobs in the system.

This work is part of a French-Dutch Van Gogh research project funded by NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) and EGIDE under grant VGP 61-520. We also acknowledge the support of EuroNGI Network of Excellence. This work was done while U. Ayesta was an ERCIM Postdoc fellow at CWI.