, Volume 8, Issue 2-3, pp 245-259
Date: 25 Feb 2009

Interband transitions and interference effects in superconducting qubits

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We investigate phase-sensitive interference effects in a periodically sin(2π f rf t)-driven, artificial two-state system connected to a microwave resonator at f LC ≃ 800 MHz. We observe two kinds of multiphoton transitions in the two-state system, accompanied by: (1) Several quanta from the drive at f rf and (2) one quantum at f rf and several at f LC . The former are described using phase-sensitive Landau–Zener transitions, while the latter are discussed in terms of vibronic transitions in diatomic molecules. Interference effects in the vibronic transitions governed by Franck–Condon coefficients are also considered.

This work was financially supported by the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation, the Vaisala Foundation of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, EU-INTAS 05-10000008-7923, the Dynasty foundation, the presidential Grant MD-4092.2007.2, and the EC-funded ULTI Project (Contract RITA-CT-2003-505313).