Public Choice

, Volume 133, Issue 1, pp 107–110

Campaign finance reform and electoral competition: Comment


    • James M. Buchanan CenterGeorge Mason University
  • Francisco J. Aparicio-Castillo
    • CIDE - División de Estudios Políticos

DOI: 10.1007/s11127-007-9180-y

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Stratmann, T. & Aparicio-Castillo, F.J. Public Choice (2007) 133: 107. doi:10.1007/s11127-007-9180-y


Campaign finance regulation is an important issue for democracies. Proponents of stricter contribution limits believe it will improve competitiveness. Opponents argue that contribution caps are just a mask for incumbency protection. This paper comments on John Lott’s 2006 article in “Campaign Finance Reform and Electoral Competition” in Public Choice.


Campaign contribution limits Competitiveness of candidate elections

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