, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 1-3
Date: 17 May 2011

Achievements and challenges of higher education in Arab countries

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The recent events in the Arab countries show how important education, information, and ICT communication can be in mobilizing young people and whole societies in seeking societal openness and justice, and in pushing further for social, economic, and political development and change. The present wave of awakening in the Arab region, represented in the group of featured countries—Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan—makes this issue of Prospects even more relevant, since it addresses, in a comparative way, several key factors that influence the development of higher education in the region. As education helps people develop their capacity to guide their own destiny and life plans, both individually and collectively, we observe with great interest what the authors in this issue have to say.

As we know, investment in education is a necessary condition for social and economic development, but it is by no means sufficient. The Arab countries represent a case in point: the links ...