, Volume 82, Issue 3, pp 277-288

Genomics of green algal hydrogen research


This article summarizes knowledge on genes and their respective proteins in the field of green algal hydrogen research. Emphasis is placed on recently cloned genes from the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, including HydA1 and HydA2, which encode homologous [Fe]-hydrogenases, Tla1, which encodes a chlorophyll antenna size regulatory gene, SulP, which encodes a chloroplast sulfate permease, and Sta7, which encodes an isoamylase. Analysis of the structure and function of these genes and of their respective proteins in C. reinhardtii, and related unicellular green algae, is presented in light of the role they play in the hydrogen metabolism in these organisms. A discussion is offered as to the potential application of these genes in the field of hydrogen photoproduction.