, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 133-134
Date: 15 Nov 2012

R. Webster and M. Lark, Field sampling for environmental science and management

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This little book may be of great use to you. It is aimed to help to sample efficiently in a statistically sound way. The two authors are pedometricians with a vast experience in this topic.

The motivation to publish this book came from the observation that many environmental scientists might be well trained in chemistry, physics or biology but have a poor understanding of field sampling. Thus many efforts to collect date are all too often flawed, despite the expensive laboratory analyses which were conducted on the samples. Specialist books on this matter do exist, e.g. de Gruijter et al. (2006), but the gap between such books and the training given to environmental scientists is believed to be too wide. Hence the need for a more accessible book.

The book is organized in nine chapters. The first chapter introduces the general problem of sampling a spatially continuous medium such as the environment. The next chapter deals with the aims of a sampling and the concept of a random variable a ...