, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp 379-395
Date: 06 Apr 2011

Field studies of the motion of sediments in the coastal zone of the sea

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We present the results of measurements carried out with the help of the “Donnaya Stantsiya” complex of equipment in the coastal zone of the Crimean shelf near Evpatoriya and near the southeast end of the Kosa Tuzla Island. For the same intensity of winds in these regions, the intensities of waves and turbulence in the coastal zone near Evpatoriya are much higher and, hence, the fluxes of suspended sediments are more intense. The accumulated data are intended for the correction of the kinetic model used for the evaluation of the characteristics of the field of suspended sediments in the shallow-water areas.

Translated from Morskoi Gidrofizicheskii Zhurnal, No. 5, pp. 65–80, September–October, 2010.