, Volume 344, Issue 1-2, pp 87-97
Date: 20 Feb 2011

A new bioorganic fertilizer can effectively control banana wilt by strong colonization with Bacillus subtilis N11

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Fusarium wilt is one of the most serious diseases caused by a soil-borne pathogen affecting banana production. The goal of this study was to evaluate the capability of a novel bio-organic fertilizer (BIO2) that integrated the biocontrol agent Bacillus subtilis N11, and mature composts to control Fusarium wilt of banana in pot experiments. The results showed that the application of the BIO2 significantly decreased the incidence rate of Fusarium wilt compared to the control. To determine the antagonistic mechanism of the strain, we also studied the colonization of the natural biocontrol agent on banana roots using a GFP marker. The studies were performed in a hydroponic culture system, a sand system and a natural soil system. The results indicated that the bacteria colonized predominantly by forming biofilms along the elongation and differentiation zones of the roots. The fact that similar observations were obtained in all three systems suggests that colonization by N11 can be studied in a defined system. The population of B. subtilis N11 in the rhizosphere and on banana roots was also monitored. We speculate that the colonization pattern of B.subtilis N11 can be linked to the mechanism of protection of plants from fungal infection.