, Volume 326, Issue 1-2, pp 303-310
Date: 30 Apr 2009

Root-tip diameters of woody species in subalpine Abies forest

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We clarified the differences in root-tip diameter (RTD) among tree and shrub species in an Abies forest. To evaluate the effects of sampling month and tree size on RTD, we measured the root-tip diameters of mature individuals of nine woody species and sapling individuals of two Abies species in a subalpine Abies forest on Mount Shimagare in central Japan. Species, sampling month, and their interaction affected RTD; however, the differences in RTD between some pairs of species were consistent across sampling months. The woody species fell into two groups, based on RTD size: tree species with larger RTDs (group 1) and shrub species with smaller RTDs (group 2). Seasonal changes in RTD were observed in three species and showed different patterns among species. Tree size did not affect RTD for either Abies species; however, there was an interaction between tree size and sampling month for Abies veitchii. The woody species category had the greatest effect on RTD, followed by sampling month and then tree size.

Responsible Editor: Peter J. Gregory.