, Volume 300, Issue 1-2, pp 1-7
Date: 24 Apr 2007

Marschner reviews: A new initiative in delivering cutting-edge science in soil–plant interactions

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Soil–plant interactions, which have been studied for well over a century (Hinsinger and Marschner 2006), represent one of the most exciting challenges of scientific endeavours of the present century. These studies cover a wide range of topics, from chemistry to molecular biology, and from rhizosphere to ecosystems. Soil–plant interactions have been the focus of agriculture-oriented studies worldwide for many years; however, in the last decade, much attention has been shifted towards issues related to global change, such as greenhouse gas emission from soil–plant systems, and soil carbon management. This trend is evidenced by the fact that among the 100 papers involving “soils” listed as highly cited papers, about 60% are related to soil biology, soil carbon in particular (Web of Science http://portal.isiknowledge.com/portal.cgi?DestApp=WOS&Func=Frame).

Highly cited review papers (all citation classics, i.e. all cited over a hundred times) published in Plant and Soil include Haynes (1982