, Volume 290, Issue 1-2, pp 259-268
Date: 08 Dec 2006

A method for assessing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi group distribution in tree roots by intergenic transcribed sequence variation

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We identified five taxonomic groups of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) inside roots of young trees of six species of legumes and six species of non-legumes from a field site in southern Costa Rica using an AMF group-specific PCR assay of the intergenic transcribed sequence and 18S rRNA gene fragment. Assay specificity was verified by cloning and sequencing representatives from four of the five AMF groups. We found no difference in overall AMF diversity levels between legumes and non-legumes or between plant species. Some groups of AMF may associate more frequently with legumes than others, as Glomus Group A (Glomus mosseae/intradices group) representatives were detected more frequently in legumes than non-legumes relative to Glomus Group B (Glomus etunicatum/claroideum) representatives.