, Volume 74, Issue 6, pp 617-629
Date: 14 Oct 2010

Molecular characterization, expression pattern, and functional analysis of the OsIRL gene family encoding intracellular Ras-group-related LRR proteins in rice

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Leucine-rich repeat proteins constitute a large gene family and play important roles in plant growth and development. Among them, Arabidopsis PIRL is a plant-specific class of intracellular Ras-group-related leucine-rich repeat proteins. In this study, we identified eight homologues of PIRLs in rice and designated them as OsIRL proteins. We described the gene structures, chromosome localizations, protein motifs, and phylogenetic relationships of the OsIRL gene family. The expression profiles of OsIRL genes were analyzed throughout the entire rice life cycle, along with light and three hormone stress conditions, using quantitative RT-PCR and microarray data. All OsIRL genes were expressed in at least one experimental stage and exhibited divergent expression patterns, with several genes showing preferential expression at specific stages. OsIRL4 and OsIRL5 showed higher expression levels under light compared to dark. OsIRL4 and OsIRL7 exhibited significant differential expression in response to hormone treatments. Six T-DNA or Tos17 insertion lines for five individual OsIRL genes were identified and examined morphologically. The comprehensive expression profile elucidated in this investigation together with the characterized insertion lines will provide a solid foundation for in-depth dissection of OsIRL functions.