, Volume 169, Issue 1, pp 1-18
Date: 19 Apr 2012

What is inference?

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An earlier version of this paper was presented as a talk at the Pacific Division Meeting of the APA in San Diego in April of 2011, with John Broome and Crispin Wright serving as commentators. I am very grateful to the members of that audience, as well as to audiences at the Universities of Cambridge and Geneva, and to David James Barnett, Sinan Dogramaci, and Paul Horwich for comments and feedback.
The author owes a very special debt of gratitude to his two distinguished commentators, not only for their feedback on this particular paper, but for conversations and writings that have greatly influenced his thinking on these issues. Crispin and the author have been discussing these topics for many years. More recently, the author have been greatly stimulated by conversations with John Broome and by reading bits of his manuscript in progress, Rationality Through Reasoning. As will be evident, the present paper is part of an extended dialogue with both of these philosophers.