, Volume 163, Issue 3, pp 819-826
Date: 05 Oct 2012

Susanna Siegel’s the Contents of Visual Experience

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The Content View

In The Contents of Visual Experience, Susanna Siegel (2010) gives a defense of what she calls ‘The Content View’. On this view, sensory experiences have truth-conditions, or accuracy conditions, to the effect that various properties are instantiated in one’s surroundings. She says ‘The notion of experience is tied to the idea that experiences have contents, where contents are a kind of condition under which experiences are accurate, similar in many ways to the truth-conditions of beliefs. I call this thesis the Content View’ (p. 4). Later she says the Content View is this: ‘All visual perceptual experiences have contents’ (p. 28). Siegel explains the notion of content she is using here as follows: ‘Contents are true or false, and the contents of an experience are conveyed to the subject by her experience. The sense in which experiences have contents (according to the Content View) thus picks up the strand of ordinary usage that takes contents to be things conveyed by so ...