, Volume 152, Issue 3, pp 447-461
Date: 07 Sep 2010

Finding the Mind

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Supersizing the Mind (henceforth, SSM) was a book with a double mission. The first mission was to display and discuss the rich and varied landscape of recent work in the area of (broadly speaking) embodied, environmentally embedded, cognitive science. To this end, I canvassed and organized a wide range of examples in which fine details of embodiment, of worldly action, and of worldly resources, could be seen to make diverse and unexpectedly deep contributions to human cognitive achievements. The second mission, building in many ways upon the first, was to pursue the more radical suggestion that is now known as the Hypothesis of Extended Cognition.

This idea is introduced in Clark and Chalmers (1998).

This was the suggestion

Clark and Chalmers (1998). See also, among others, Dennett (1991, 1996), Donald (1991), Haugeland (1998), Hurley (1998), Hutchins (1995), Menary (2007), Noë (2004), Rowlands (1999, 2003, 2006), Sutton (2007), Wheeler (2005), Wilson (2004).

that in some such cases, the ...